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Yah! — May 21, 2015


Los Angeles is going to raise their minimum wage to $15/hr.

San Francisco and Seattle had already agreed to do this.

On behalf of all cities who are not San Francisco, Seattle, or Los Angeles, I say “thank you!”

Here’s the eyeroll of the day: — May 13, 2015

Here’s the eyeroll of the day:

Goldsmiths Students’ Union diversity officer explains she cannot be racist or sexist because she is an ethnic minority woman

(Click on the link for a lovely photo—I recommend her as this month’s mascot for the Moonbat Brigade.)

The choice quote:

“I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describes structures of privilege based on race and gender.”

Pardon my asking, but does that statement have a rational meaning at all, or does its truth depend entirely upon willful blindness, arrogance, vanity, envy, narcissism, solipsism, etc. etc. etc.? And how about the “structure of privilege” where she is allowed to move to, live, and work in a foreign country, accuse its native residents of varieties of bigotry as a profession, while said natives not only have no say in the matter at all, they also have to pay her salary? Who’s the privileged one in that scenario?

Doing a little random Googling on this story, I came across an interesting comment:

“Hilariously, she is a Turk, and has colored eyes, meaning she is at least 92% White. She is claiming the ‘woman of color’ title, even though she isn’t actually colored.”

That was very similar to my initial thought as well: “Minority? Gimme a break!” What occurred to me as I was typing this up is how easy it is to bend the “white” boundary to suit one’s position: in this case it’s convenient for one side to argue that she’s white, and the other, not. Given different circumstances, the very same people may very well assume or argue the opposite. I suppose this is a case of push coming to shove, though: She not only assumed non-white privilege, she made a big stinking deal of it. So, I am only too happy to go along.

(And, in closing, I offer my apologies to anyone who might suffer seizures or anxiety due to my incidental usage of a link to a WN website, LOL)

Social justice on Mars — May 12, 2015